Vermont Raised, Vermont Made

Specialty meats, dry aged steaks, house made sausages, and custom meat processing for pork, beef, venison, goat, and lamb.

Find Guild Fine Meats deli meats, dry aged steaks, sausages, and more at these locations:

    • Dry aged steaks: Guild Tavern
    • Dry Aged Beef Burger: The Farmhouse
    • Smoked Bratwurst: The Farmhouse
    • Red Pepper Fennel Sausage: Pascolo
    • Bacon: The Farmhouse & Guild Tavern
    • Deli Meats: The Farmhouse, Pascolo, Bleu

Guild Fine Meats deli meats are available for purchase at City Market and Healthy Living, too! Be sure to check with the deli counter to see what’s available.

Interested in learning more about Guild Fine Meats? Follow us on Facebook or send us an e-mail to get in touch at info@guildfinemeats.com.

Please note, we will not be accepting custom meat orders for the holidays. We apologize for any inconveniences this may cause.